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Douglas Lain Talks His New Novella, Bizarro Writing, Philosphy, Publishing

Douglas Lain is the author of Last Week’s Apocalypse, Fall Into Time, which are both short stories collections. Douglas returns to talk about his new novella, Wave of Mutilation (Amazon Link). Jeffrey Ford said it’s, “…a story that generates itself as it devours itself… Terrific writing, good laughs, and the flawless execution of a fictional tightrope walk between “reality” and nothing.” We talk about…


Richard Bowes Talks What’s Forbidden, Writing, The Underwear Collector, Memory

Richard Bowes has published five novels, two collections of short fiction and fifty short stories and articles. Recent and forthcoming stories appear in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the Digital Domains, Best Gay Stories, Beastly Bride, and many more. He had been short-listed for many awards and won the World Fantasy Award for his story “Streetcar Dreams”. Do check out…