The Burger Lab Podcast with Chef James Kenji Lopez-Alt

This week I took my microphone and headed to the Brooklyn apartment of chef and food-blogger James Kenji Lopez-Alt. He is a contributing editor to Cook’s Illustrated and on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen. For he has produced a number of Food Lab and Burger Lab pieces that feature his scientific approach to cooking.

James decided to test the old adage: only flip a burger once. Is it true or a myth? Join us as good cooking meets the spread sheet!

We talked about his years cooking in Boston, his name, food and science, grilled pizza, and of course, burgers.

James is Managing Culinary Director at His Food Lab and Burger Lab Posts can be found on and their sister site, A Hamburger Today. Read Kenji’s article:
How Often Should You Flip a Burger?


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