Associate Professors

Na Guo
Research Associate
College of Biotechnology
Tianjin University of Science and Technology
No.29, 13th. Avenue, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA), Tianjin, China 300457
Email: guona@tust.edu.cn
Tel: 86-22-60912562

2005-2011 Ph. D. in Medicinal Chemistry, 
Institute of Materia Medica, Peking Union Medical College
Thesis: Biotransformation of 3-oxo-oleanolic acid; Discovery and development of noncompetitive inhibitors of BACE1 (beta-secretase).
Advisor: Professor Shishan Yu, Professor Weishuo Fang

2001-2005 B. Sc. in Pharmacy, 
School of Pharmceutical Sciences, Hebei Medical University 
Thesis: Synthesis of small molecules with antirheumatism activity
Research experience
December 2015-present Research Associate, TUST
September 2011-December 2015 Research Assistant, TUST

Main Subjects: 
(1) Synthesis of targeted anticancer drugs, novel nano drug delivery system and its application in drug development; 
(2) Screening active molecules and investigation on the interaction between the molecule and the target by STD-NMR; 
(3) Discovery and development of novel active peptides.

《Pharmaceutical Analysis》、《Route Design of Organic Synthesis》

Principal investigator of 1 National Natural Science Fund Project and 2 Tianjin Research Programs of Application Foundation and Advanced Technology.

More than 20 scientific research papers have been published and 15 invention patents have been applied, including one PCT patent and two authorized patents.
(1) Na Guo, Tiantian Hao, Xiuzhuan Shang, Tianle Zhang, Huan Liu, Qian Zhang, Jing Wang, Du Jiang, Yao Rong, Yu-Ou Teng and Peng Yu*,Novel Amphiphilic PEG-Hydroxycamptothecin Conjugates as Glutathione-Responsive Prodrugs Nanocapsules for Cancer Chemotherapy,Journal of Nanoparticle Research,2017, 19 (6): 205-217
(2) Na Guo, Du Jiang, Luyao Wang, Xing You, Yu-Ou Teng and Peng Yu*,Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Water-Soluble Poly-(ethylene glycol)-10-hydroxycamptothecin Conjugates,Molecules,2015, 20: 9393-9404
(3) Na Guo, Jiang Liu, Long Qin, Du Jiang, Xing You, Kui Lu*, Yu-Ou Teng, Peng Yu*, Synthesis and Antitumor Activity Evaluation of A Novel Series of Xanthone Derivatives, Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, 2015, 17(4):377-383
(4) Na Guo, Haiyong Jia, Xing You, Du Jiang, Kui Lu and Peng Yu*, Preparation of Novel Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine Derivatives via a New Concise Synthetic Approach, Bulletin of the korean chemical society, 2015, 36(4): 1143-1147
(5) Jian Lv, Na Guo*, Shao-Peng Wen, Yu-Ou Teng, Meng-Xin ma,Yu peng*, Synthesis and Antitumor Activity Evaluation of A Novel Series of Camptothecin Analogs, Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, 2013,15(8):863-874
(6) Na Guo, Ying Zhao, Weishuo Fang*, Biotransformation of 3-Oxo-Oleanolic Acid by Absidia glauca, Planta Medica, 2010, 76 (16): 1904-1907

Wei‐Shuo Fang, Deyang Sun, Shuang Yang, Na Guo. Natural Products Targeting Clinically Relevant Enzymes (β‐Secretase (BACE1) Inhibitors from Natural Products), Wiley‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 2017.

Authorized Patents
(1) ZL201610845743.8
(2) ZL201210531525.9