Hexin Lv, Ph.D.

Undergraduate:Microbial breeding; Bioseparation engineering

Graduate:Microalgae cultivation technique

Research field:
[1] Fermentation/ Metabolic engineering of photosynthetic and halotolerant microorganism.

[2] Microalgae downstream technology

Selected Project 
[1] Sub-project of the National Basic Research Program of China: Gene expression network  of different ecotype Prochlorococcus 2011-2015 
[2] National Natural Science Foundation of China:Data mining of regulatory genes and metabolic nodes of carotenoid metabolism pathway,2015-2017 
[3] China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,2015 

Selected publications 
[1] Hexin Lv,  Xianggan Cui, Zhilei Tan, Shiru Jia. (2017) Analysis of metabolic responses of Dunaliella salina to phosphorus deprivation. Journal of Applied Phycology. DOI 10.1007/s10811-017-1059-9
[2] Hexin Lv,Ge Qu,Xizhen Qi,Lina Lu,Chaoguang Tian,Yanhe Ma (2013)Transcriptome Analysis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii during the Process of Lipid Accumulation[J]. Genomics.101: 229-237 
[3] Hexin Lv,Chao Huang,Guang-Qin Guo,Zhong-Nan Yang* (2014)Roles of the Nuclear-Encoded Chloroplast SMR Domain-Containing PPR Protein SVR7 in Photosynthesis and Oxidative Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis[J]. Journal of Plant Biology. 57:291-301 
[4] Hexin Lv,Shiru Jia*,Yupeng Xiao,Nannan Yuan,Yujie Dai (2014)Growth characteristics of Nostoc flagelliforme at intermittent elevated CO2 concentrations[J]. Phycologicl Research. 62: 250–256 
[5] Hexin Lv, Feng Xia, Shiru Jia, Xianggan Cui,Nannan Yuan. (2014) Effects of K2HPO4 on the Growth of Nostoc flagelliforme in Liquid Media with Different Carbon Sources [M]. Advances in Applied Biotechnology, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 332, Springer, Chapter 43, 407-415 
[6] Hexin Lv,Ge Qu,Chaoguang Tian. Transcriptome Analysis of Lipid Biosynthesis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii(M). 2011 TWAS ROESEAP Symposium on Industrial Biotechnology). p65,Beijing 2011. 08. 26-30,Oral Presentation。 
[7] Bang Wang,Lina Lu,Hexin Lv,Huifeng Jiang,Ge Qu,Chaoguang Tian,Yanhe Ma.(2014) The transcriptome landscape of Prochlorococcus MED4 and the factors for stabilizing the core genome[J]. BMC Microbiology. 14:11,(SCI) 
[12] Hexin Lv; Feng Xia; Miao Liu; Xianggan Cui; Fazli Wahid; Shiru Jia (2016) Metabolomic profiling of the astaxanthin accumulation process induced by high light in Haematococcus pluvialis [J]. Algal Research, 20, 35-43
[13] Lv, Hexin; Cui, Xianggan; Wahid, Fazli; Xia, Feng; Zhong, Cheng; *Jia, Shiru (2016) Analysis of the Physiological and Molecular Responses of Dunaliella salina to Macronutrient Deprivation. Plos One, 11(3)
[14] Lv H, Cui X, Wang S, Jia S, (2016) Metabolic Profiling of Dunaliella salina
Shifting Cultivation Conditions to Nitrogen Deprivation. Metabolomics 6: 170.

DOI 10.4172/2153-0769.1000170

Contact information:
Address:Building 2nd,No29, 13th street, TEDA, Tianjin, 300457, China, 
Email: lvhx@tust.edu.cn