Meng Xin, assistant professor; Master supervisor; Tianjin "131" talent level 3rd; Tianjin Science and Technology Commissioner; Member of Chinese Chemistry Society; Member of Tianjin Microbiology Society.

Undergraduate course: Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology. 

Graduate course: Glycoengineering; Pharmaceutical production quality management engineering.

Research fields:
Research areas include molecular medicine and carbohydrate chemistry.
[1] Chemoenzymatic synthesis of natural oligosaccharide fragments with important biological activities and study on Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) of functional molecules containing carbohydrate;
[2] Screening of antitumor carbohydrate drugs based on the TACA to prepare the oligosaccharide medicine or glycoprotein;

[3] Development and development of glycopeptide vaccine.

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21502139), Novel regioselective chemoenzymatic synthesis of disialyl TF and its fluorinated derivatives and their application in tumor vaccines, 2016-2018,Project Leader. 
[2] Science and Technology Commissioner Foundation of Tianjin (No. 15JCTPJC56200), Development of a new PGL-tb1 tuberculosis vaccine, 2015-2016, Project Leader.
[3] Foundation of Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology of Ministry of Education and Tianjin Key Lab of Industrial Microbiology (Tianjin University of Science & Technology) (No. 2016IM102), Enzymatic synthesis of prebiotic sialyl lactose by immobilized enzyme, Project Leader.
[4] Laboratory Innovation Foundation of Undergraduate (Tianjin University of Science & Technology) (No. 1604A306), 2016-2017, Project Leader.
[5] Ministry of Health Major Scientific and Technological Projects (No. 2015ZX09J15105-002-003), Study on culture and purification of adenovirus, 2015-2018,Participant.
[6]  National Natural Science Foundation of China(No. 81503086),Design, screening and antitumor activity of human skin flap inhibitors, 2016-2018,Participant.
[7] Enterprise project(No. 1400040028), Development of thirteen valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 2014-2016, Participant.
[8] Enterprise project(No. 1400040027), Clinical development of quadrivalent meningitis vaccine, 2014-2016, Participant. 

[9] Enterprise project(No. 1500040057), Development of surface protein of Streptococcus pneumoniae, 2014-2017, Participant.

[1] Hai-Peng Liu#, Xin Meng#, Qun Yu, Yun-Chang Tao, Hao-Jie He, Yao Yu, Hao Chang, Yun He, Peng Yu*, Yang Yang*. Synthesis of S-sialyl polymers as efficient polyvalent influenza inhibitors and captures. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry. 2018,37 (1):18-29. 
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[1] Meng Xin, Yu Peng, Zhu Tao, Su Chao, Yuan Ding, Dong Peijie, Li Xiao, Liang Jianmei, Lian Xujing. Synthesis and application of sialated TF antigen and its fluoride derivatives, CN201711385873.9 

[2] Meng Xin, Zhu Tao, Yu Peng, Ji Chuanming, Pan Guojun, Chen he, Su Chao, Shen Di. A PGL-tb1 oligosaccharide conjugate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its preparation and application, CN201610788095.7

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