Dr. Zhen Liu, Assistant Professor

Research field

Her research fields focus on the pharmacodynamics, toxicology and pharmacokinetics of antitumor drugs.

[1] The Science Foundation for Post Doctorate Research of China, 2015M570229, 2015-2016, Principal investigator
[2] The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 81703014, 2018/01-2020/12, Principal investigator
[3] Scientific research project of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, 2017KJ010, 2017/05-2020/04, Principal investigator
[4] The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 81673647, 2017/01-2020/12, CO-PI

[5] The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 31601203, 2017/01-2019/12, CO-PI 

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2.Liu Z, Zheng Q, Chen WZ, Man SL, Teng YO, Meng X, Zhang YM, Yu P, Gao WY. Paris saponin I inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis through down-regulating AKT activity in human non-small-cell lung cancer cells and inhibiting ERK expression in human small-cell lung cancer cells. RSC Advances, 2016, 6: 70816-70824. 
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