Academic Report

Academic Report

Title: Global Research and Collaboration
Keynote speaker: Prof. Andrew Stephen Ball
Time: P.M. 13:00-15:20, 20  September, 2018
Place: The first lecture hall of Teda library

A brief introduction of the speaker

 Andrew Stephen Ball is the distinguished professor at RMIT and his is a leading scientist in applied microbiology biotechnology. He started his career as a Research Fellow in Liverpool University, UK and in April 2005, Andrew was appointed Chair of Environmental Biotechnology at Flinders University. He is a former Director of the Centre for Environment and Society, Essex University, UK and Chairman and Director of Flinders Bioremediation. He has 110 peer reviewed publications with an annual citation average above 200 over the past 4 years. In addition, Professor Andrew Stephen Ball has published 5 books (2 as author and 3 as editor) and written 34 book chapters. He is the editor or editorial board for many journals such as: Editor, Bioresource Technology (2012-present)Associate Editor, Microbiology (2009-present)Editorial Board, International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture (2004 -present)International Society for Microbial Ecology (2006- present).