Associate Professors

Huitu Zhang

Associate Professor

He was born and grew up in Hebei Province, where he earned a B.A. in Biotechnology from Hebei University. He completed his M.S. degree in Chinese Agricultural Academy of Science with Professor Bin Yao and received the Ph.D. degree with Professor Yiguang Wang at Peking Union Medical College. His postdoctoral studies were carried out with Professor Coran watanabe at the Chemistry Department of Texas A&M University. He joined the faculty of Tianjin University of Science and Technology in 2011 as an assistant professor of Biotechnology, and was promoted to the rank of associate professor in 2012.

Current Activities
The research interests of our group are mainly in the area of biosynthesis and clinical application of natural products and are supported by three project directions:
Biosynthesis of an aziridine-containing compound ficellomycin and its application in clinical therapy.
Biosynthesis of enduracidin, neomycin, aureomycin and erythromycin. Construction of engineered strains with improved antibiotics production.

Mining active compounds (including industrially used enzymes) from natural resources.

Selected Publications
1.Cuixia Zhou, Huan Liu, Feiyan Yuan, Haonan Chai, Haikuan Wang, Fufeng Liu, Yu Li, Huitu Zhang ⁎, Fuping Lu ⁎. Development and application of a CRISPR/Cas9 system for Bacillus licheniformis genome editing. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2018; 122(2019): 329-337.
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3.Liu Y, Li M, Mu H, Song S, Zhang Y, Chen K, He X, Wang H, Dai Y, Lu F, Yan Z, Zhang H. Identification and characterization of the ficellomycin biosynthesis gene cluster from Streptomyces ficellus. APPL MICROBIOL BIOTECHNOL. 2017 Oct; 101(20):7589-7602.
4.Chen K, Mo Q, Liu H, Yuan F, Chai H, Lu F, Zhang H. Identification and characterization of a novel cold-tolerant extracellular protease from Planococcus sp. CGMCC 8088. EXTREMOPHILES. 2018 May; 22(3):473-484. (通讯作者)
5.Mori S, Simkhada D, Zhang H, Erb MS, Zhang Y, Williams H, Fedoseyenko D, Russell WK, Kim D, Fleer N, Ealick SE, Watanabe CM. Polyketide Ring Expansion Mediated by a Thioesterase, Chain Elongation and Cyclization Domain, in Azinomycin Biosynthesis: Characterization of AziB and AziG. BIOCHEMISTRY. 2016; 55(4):704-714.
6.Huitu Zhang, Huiyan Mu, Qingshan Mo, Tongwei Sun, Yang Liu, Mingyu Xu, Haikuan Wang, Yujie Dai, Fuping Lu. Gene cloning, expression and characterization of a novel cold-adapted protease from Planococcus sp. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS B: ENZYMATIC. 2016; 130: 1-8.
7.Zhang Huitu, Tian Y, Wang J, Li Y, Wang H, Mao S, Liu X, Wang C, Bie S, Lu F. Construction of engineered Arthrobacter simplex with improved performance for cortisone acetate biotransformation. APPL MICROBIOL BIOTECHNOL. 2013; 97(21): 9503-9514.
8.Lu H, Zhang Huitu, Shi P, Luo H, Wang Y, Yang P, Yao B. A family 5 β-mannanase from the thermophilic fungus Thielavia arenaria XZ7 with typical thermophilic enzyme features. APPL MICROBIOL BIOTECHNOL. 2013 Sep; 97(18): 8121-8128.
9.Simkhada D, Zhang Huitu, Mori S, Williams H, Watanabe CM. Activation of cryptic metabolite production through gene disruption: Dimethyl furan-2,4-dicarboxylate produced by Streptomyces sahachiroi. BEILSTEIN J ORG CHEM. 2013 Aug; 9:1768-1773.
10.Cao Y, He S, Zhou Z, Zhang M, Mao W, Zhang Huitu, Yao B. Orally administered thermostable N-acyl homoserine lactonase from Bacillus sp. strain AI96 attenuates Aeromonas hydrophila infection in zebrafish. APPL ENVIRON MICROBIOL. 2012 Mar; 78(6):1899-1908.
11.Junqi Zhao1, Pengjun Shi1, Yingguo Bai1, Huoqing Huang1, Huiying Luo1, Huitu Zhang2,* Donghao Xu1, Yaru Wang1, Bin Yao1.*A thermophilic cellulase complex from phialophora sp. G5 showing high capacity in cellulose hydrolysis. APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2012, 166 (4), 952-960. (通讯作者).
12.Guanglin wang1, Huitu Zhang1, Guizhi Sun2, Linzhuan Wu2, Jinchi Zhang1 and Yiguang Wang. A new method for rapid identification of ansamycin compounds by inactivating KLM gene clusters in potential ansamycin-producing actinomyces. JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY. 2011, 112(2), 353-362.
13.Jennifer Foulke-Abel, Gilbert T. Kelly, Huitu Zhang and Coran Watanabe. Characterization of AziR, a resistance protein of the DNA cross-linking agent azinomycin B. MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS. 2011, 7(9), 2563-2570.
14.Foulke-Abel J, Agbo H, Huitu Zhang, Mori S, Watanabe CM. Mode of action and biosynthesis of the azabicycle-containing natural products azinomycin and ficellomycin. NATURAL PRODUCT REPORTS. 2011, 28(4), 693-704. 
15.Huitu Zhang, Wu linzhuan, Liu Aiming, Sun Guizhi, Han Feng, Xia Huanzhang, Gao Qunjie,Yonggang Wangiguang. PCR screening of 3-amino- 5-hydroxybenzoic acid synthase gene leads to identification of ansamycins and AHBA related antibiotic producers in Actinomycetes. JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY. 2009, 106(3), 755-763.