Associate Professors

Han Pei-pei, Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Undergraduate course: Enzyme engineering

Postgraduate course: Synthetic biology

Research Interests
1.Fermentation production of natural food ingredients.
2.Biosynthesis and regulation of microbial active polysaccharides.

3. Cultivation of microalgae and development of active substances.

Current Research Projects
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects: The study on the regulation mechanism of Nostoc flagelliforme polysaccharide biosynthesis during liquid fermentation.

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects: Study on the mechanism for light regulation of polysaccharides biosynthesis in Nostoc flagelliforme.

Committee Member
1. Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology
2. Chinese Society for Microbiology

3. Tianjin Society of Food Science

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