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College of Biotechnology held the 70th “Zhishan” academic report successfully
College of Biotechnology: Tiankangming Masijia Wangdaoan

On the afternoon of October 30th, the 70th “Zhishan” academic report of the College of Biotechnology was held in Room 206, Building 2, TEDA Campus. In this academic report, we invited the outstanding scientist Ashok Pandey of the Lucknow Innovation and Transformation Research Center to gave us a wonderful academic lecture, who is the Executive Director of the Institute of Toxicology of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability in India. The teachers and students of the College of Biotechnology participated this report actively.

In the academic report, Prof. Ashok Pandey gave a lecture entitled “Prospects of renewable energy from agri-biomass: Global energy demand vs sustainability”. He first introduced the development history and research status of the Institute of Toxicology of the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Subsequently, Prof. Ashok Pandey introduced detailedly the status quo of the supply of energy resources from petroleum resources, and the superiority and technical needs of renewable biomass resources as raw materials for industrial production of bioenergy materials. After the report, teachers and students had intense discussions with Prof. Ashok Pandey on the Related topics, such as the separation of the five carbon sugar six-carbon sugars and the selection of strains in the development and utilization of high value-added products.

The successful hosting of this academic report provided a good opportunity for teachers and students to make an international academic exchange, which also stimulated further our interest in scientific research and laid a solid foundation for future study and study.