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College of Bioengineering held the seminar for the sixth self-made glutinous rice wine contest

College of Bioengineering:Qingyun Zhang ;Wenfa Cui ;Lei Zhao

In order to inherit and carry forward the Chinese wine culture, strengthen the teamwork awareness and scientific literacy of biological students, College of Bioengineering held the 6th self-made glutinous rice wine competition. At noon on October 26, a pre-match presentation was held in the third-class classroom of Building nine of the Binhai Campus and the seminar was honored to invite Wenfa Cui and Xiaoguang Fan to attend the conference.

First of all, Teacher Xiaoguang Fan explained in detail the history and technology of glutinous rice wine brewing. He introduced the knowledge of glutinous rice wine, including the technical principles of starch conversion and mold control.

Then, the leader of outstanding team of the 5th glutinous rice wine contest, Hang Yan, shared her experience in the production of the experience and glutinous rice wine with the classmates. She emphasized that the glutinous rice should be sprinkled evenly and compacted when filling the can, and also mentioned important practical experience such as controlling the temperature.  

After listening to the lectures, the students benefited a lot and signed up for the competition.
The self-made glutinous rice wine contest is divided into preliminary and final competitions. The academic exchange seminar for college students will provide participants with cooked glutinous rice and koji, and supervise the hygienic quality of self-made rice wine during the competition.
Rice wine is an important part of brewing wine. This activity not only leads the biology to relive the traditional culture, inherits the winemaking skills, but also helps the students to deepen their understanding of the biological field and appreciate the charm of microbial fermentation. College of Bioengineering sincerely hopes that our students will gain growth in practice and win great results on the field.