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A TUST Team comes from the College of Biotechnology Achieved Great Results in the 2nd National Petri Dish Art Competition

College of Biotechnology, Ma Sijia & Xu Leling

On October 20, 2018, the award ceremony of the 2nd National Petri Dish Art Competition (NPDA) hosted by the Chinese Society of Microbiology and organized by Angel yeast co., LTD was held in Nanchang of Jiangxi province. “Hua Dan”, a work created by Yuan Hang, Zhang Yuwen, Yu Jiangyue, Ni Hanmeng and Lin wenxin from the Collge of Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science & Technology (TUST) entered the top six, and won the third prize finanlly.

The competition opened in April 2018, and it has experienced nearly a million online voting, primary election, final review and other links, six months later, this competition ended. As a result of excellent teamwork, the work of Yuan Hang’s team named "Hua Dan" which combines the traditional Chinese opera culture with the microorganism culturing talently won the third prize among nearly 300 other works created by about 200 groups from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Agricultural University, Chinese Medical University, Jiangnan University and so on.

Since 2016, TUST has held Micro World Art Competitions (MWA) three times. The theme of the 3rd Micro World Art Competition held in last may is "the 60th anniversary of my alma mater" and "micro world". We have received 65 works of many groups, which come from the College of Telecommunications, the College of Economics and Management, the College of Biotechnology and others. The students expressed their best wishes for TUST's 60th birthday with their unique and innovative ideas. Finally 16 groups entered the final list and their works was appraised as the first, second and third prizes. The works of Yuan Hang and others achieved great results in the competition.
Through such national and university-level competitions as NPDA and MWA, students can combine what they have learned in school with life, art, culture and others. The cultivation of university students' innovative thinking and practice ability is the top priority since it is also the responsibility of the university. I also hope that the students of TUST can continue to learn, gain new knowledge and innovative ability, then present themselves in a broader stage in the future.