Students Work
The College of Bioengineering successfully held the fun-learning mid-term simulated exam of advanced mathematics.

The College of Bioengineering    Zhang Qingyun; Shen Li; Ni Hanmeng

In order to prepare for the mid-term examination of advanced mathematics, the College of Bioengineering held a mid-term simulated exam in the fourth and fifth classrooms of the library on November 12th , 2018. Advanced mathematics exam is a strict and standard whole-school examination, which purpose to evaluate students' actual mathematical ability. 

When the exam was about to start, invigilator emphasized examination discipline to students and strictly invigilate them in examination.The examination hall was orderly. The students were full of spirit, calm and concentrated. The exam was finished in about 2 hours latter. Then the examination papers were sent to the teachers for correcting, analysis and grading.

This examination provides effective guidance and help to urge students to study advanced mathematics conscientiously and to clarify the direction and method of final review.
Hope that students can pass the exam, pay more attention to the study of advanced mathematics, make further efforts on the way to study subject knowledge, actively prepare for mid-term exams, and strive for good results!