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The School of Bioengineering holds a 2018 level freshman undergraduate teaching work review and evaluation presentation

In order to better and more prepare for the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of November 26-29, the College of Bioengineering held a 2018 undergraduate teaching review and evaluation meeting on the 13th ladder classroom of the library on November 12, 2018.  The meeting was lectured by Shen Li, a 18-level counselor of the Bioengineering Institute. All 18 students participated.

At the beginning of the seminar, Shen Li gave a comprehensive presentation on the review of undergraduate teaching work from four aspects: document policy interpretation, review and evaluation of science, brief introduction of the college, and students' assessment.  Through the presentation, the students learned that the purpose of the review and evaluation is to guide the school to establish a self-regulatory mechanism, strengthen self-improvement, and improve the level of education and quality of education.  Assessment is an important measure to promote school building and student development.  At the same time, the majority of students should establish a sense of ownership, love the school, proud of school, comprehensively understand the assessment knowledge, familiar with the school history, school song,school motto, familiar with the basic situation of the college professional, understand the professional training program and personnel training objectives, comply with the school rules and regulations, for acceptance at any time Experts' personal interviews and participation in expert discussions were fully prepared, actively speaking, and responding calmly, demonstrating the style of students at the Bioengineering Institute.
Next, Teacher Shen Li once again emphasized the safety issue and talked about some of her recent experiences, so that the students were deeply aware of the importance of safety.  Without security, there is no future.  It is important to enhance safety awareness and protect your own safety.  To this end, Teacher Shen Li specifically emphasized that when returning home or returning home, they must go hand in hand, and should not go out alone.
Throughout the whole meeting, Teacher Shen Li explained it carefully, and the students listened carefully and fully realized the significance of making the students understand the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work, and understanding the purpose of the students to meet the specific requirements of the specific requirements.