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Bioengineering institute held the second lecture of scientific morality and construction of study style for postgraduates

College of Biotechnology  Zhang xiao, Ma sijia, He zhao

In order for postgraduates to develop good scientific morality and learning environment, Bioengineering institute held the second lecture of scientific morality and construction of study style at the 15th lecture theater of library on October 31, 2018. Professor Yu Peng, Deputy Dean of the Bioengineering institute, was invited to give a topic lecture for all postgraduates of Class 2018.

In this lecture, Professor Yu Peng combined with the examples of many outstanding scientists to show that scientific workers are supposed to have a high sense of social responsibility and the scientific spirit of seeking truth; At the same time, aiming at the current phenomenon of academic misconduct, he cited from various sources, analyzing the shortcomings of academic management and academic style supervision, and made a guiding analysis on the academic moral problems emerged in the process of scientific research. And he put forward some countermeasures to correct the academic moral anomie of postgraduates, appealing to each to start from their own, be honest, study realistically, carry forward the style of seeking truth, and respect the innovation of knowledge.

Finally, combining with his graduate education work experience and requirements of strengthening the construction of scientific morality and study style in our university, Professor Yu Peng pointed out that: First, establishing academic self-confidence. Academic self-confidence is conducive to forming a better foundation for teachers self-consciousness; Second, academic research should develop in coordination with economic, social and political development, and should not be divorced from society; Third, the core of being a teacher is to ask teachers to care about students, and teachers should participate in the optimization and promotion of talent training mechanism. Fourth, teachers should take good care of school prestige and development, and create a good environment and conditions for better training of outstanding graduate students. Through this lecture, all students have a deeper understanding of the importance and necessity of the construction of scientific morality and study style.