Students Work
The College of Biotechnology conducts the third lecture on science morality and style construction for graduate students

Ruru Weng,Sijia Ma,Yingqi Miao

In order to help postgraduate students adapt to the scientific research life and establish the correct style of study, at noon on November 7, 2018, the College of Biotechnology held the third lecture series on science morality and style construction in the 9-12th stage of TEDA Library. Professor Wang Depei from the College of Biotechnology was invited as a guest, and all 2018 postgraduate students participated.

In this lecture, Professor Wang abandoned the usual PPT preaching form, but used the traditional chalk teaching method to teach us how to start a research life better and how to make our own graduate life more fulfilling and more meaningful. Professor Wang focused on the cultivation of research problem paths and abilities.In the aspect of writing thesis, she pointed out that reading a large amount of literature in the early stage is the foundation and patience and persistence are the key. It is necessary to be good at opening up new ideas, using new technologies, and always maintaining enthusiasm so that we can go further and further on the road of scientific research. Finally, Professor Wang stressed that we must be confident in the future,strive to persist and pursue excellence.
Through this activity, the postgraduate students have more clearly defined their future direction. As Wang said in the concluding remarks, “The route of a light choice is always the fastest one.” It is necessary to use each day efficiently from now on. Under the guidance of the teachers, the postgraduate students' life must be fulfilled and meaningful.