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Bioengineering Institute developed safety and hygiene inspection of graduate dormitories

College of Biotechnology Xue Li&Qianbei Guo

In order to further strengthen the safety awareness of student dormitory electricity, improve students' awareness of environmental sanitation, and effectively protect the lives and property of students, the College of Biotechnology organized a dormitory health inspection activity on October 31. The dormitory health inspection activities were responsible for counselors which included Teacher Yantao Yin, Teacher Lu Li , and Teacher Sijia Ma and members of the Students' Union.

The counselor and student cadres thoroughly inspected the health and safety of the graduate dormitory, checked that if there were existed hidden dangers in the dormitory such as the presence of private power cables, network cables, use and storage of high-power appliances, various types of open fire appliances and controlled knives, smoking and drinking, etc. And the counselor and student cadres also urge students to keep the room clean and tidy. In this inspection, Most of the dormitory students strictly complied with the safety rules and regulations of the school student apartment. The dormitory was clean and tidy, and there were no use of high-power appliances. During the inspection process, the counselor and the student cadres raised questions and gave records, ordered students to pay attention to window ventilation and personal hygiene in order to prevent infectious diseases in the dormitory, and hoped to work together for the civilized dormitory.

The College of Biotechnology has been implementing the safety and health education and the counselors and teachers have irregularly supervised and inspected the student residences. The safety and health inspection of the dormitory effectively improved the safety and hygiene awareness of the students of the Bioengineering College and created a safe, healthy and comfortable learning and living environment.