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The Institute of bioengineering has successfully held the "learning dormitory" selection conference

(The Institute of bioengineering, Fengyu Ju, Xiaoyi Wang, Gaoyang Lin)

In order to further strengthen the construction of the style of study, give full play to the function of the educational position of student dormitories, and cultivate students' good learning habits, the college of bioengineering held a “learning dormitory” selection conference on November 2 in the eleventh amphitheater of Building 9, Binhai Campus. Participants at the conference included 17-level counselor Wang Xiaoyi, 18-level counselor Shenli, and 15-level outstanding student representative Li Changgeng. All junior students also attended.

At the beginning of the conference, the moderator introduced the selection process and selection criteria of “learning dormitory”. Then the representatives of the candidate dormitories went to the stage for PPT display in turn. There were six dormitories, 12B-608, 10-343, 12B-606, 3-140, 9-439 and 2-620, competed fiercely. The hostels show people from various aspects such as learning, thinking, life style and so on. They interpreted dormitory culture and learning attitude with humor, wit and strong language. Their excellent performance caused heavy applause from time to time. Finally, the 12B-608 dormitory was awarded the first prize.

If you live with a lame person you will learn to limp. How to create a good dormitory cultural atmosphere is a long-term topic of four years’ college life. I hope we can feel the essence of learning dormitories from this selection conference and jointly create a civilized, clean dormitory environment and a healthy, harmonious dormitory atmosphere.