Ting Xia is a Lecturer in the College of Bioengineering at Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

She completed PhD in Sun Yat-sen University. She is also a Postdoctor in Prof. Min Wang’s lab, Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

Human Anatomy and Physiology;
Scientific writing. 

Research interests
Enzyme engineering, Applications of nanobiosensors in medicine, food and environmental protection, Protein engineering, Protein chemistry, Enzyme Kinetics, Cell signaling.

Funding from
National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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2. Ting Xia, Jin Zhang, Jiahui Yao, Bo Zheng, Wenhui Duan, Jia Song, Yu Zheng, Min Wang*. Shanxi aged vinegar prevents alcoholic liver injury by inhibiting CYP2E1 and NADPH oxidase activities. Journal of functional foods, 2018, 47: 575-584. 
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