Dongguang Xiao: Professor, College of Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Doctoral supervisor. Fermentation Engineering Team Leader of Tianjin Teaching Team, Fermentation Technology Leader of Tianjin Excellent Course, The director of innovation studio, the ten largest labor model in Tianjin. He is government special allowance specialist. Vice president of China Energy Society, Executive Director of China Fermentation Industry Association, Vice Chairman of Yeast Branch of China Fermentation Association, Member of National Fermentation Engineering Technology Working Committee, Member of National Technical Committee of Brewing Standardization, Director of Editorial Committee of Liquor-Making Science & Technology Magazine, Editorial Committee of China Brewing Magazine and Editorial Committee of China Beer Magazine. He has long been engaged in teaching and research of fermentation engineering. His main research direction is food fermentation and brewing. He has presided over and participated in 26 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and has obtained more than 30 scientific research achievements. A series of scientific research achievements have been obtained in the regulation of flavor substance metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the development of active dry yeast (ADY) and the modification of traditional brewing process by modern biotechnology in his research. More than ten scientific research achievements have been awarded at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. The textbooks and books edited by him include "Production and Application Technology of Active Dry Yeast for Wine-making", "Principles of Microbial Engineering", "Production Technology of White Sprinkler" and so on. More than 300 papers have been published, including more than 60 papers in SCI and EI, and more than 40 and authorized national inventions patents. 

Research field
1.Using modern biotechnology to transform traditional brewing industry: Mainly through the determination and directional evolution of functional genes and key enzymes of brewing microorganisms, regulation and control of micro-metabolites, the production performance of brewing microorganisms and the quality of brewing products were improved, the reform of traditional brewing industry mode was promoted, and the production technology level of brewing industry was improved.
2.Environmental biotechnology: It mainly includes clean production technology, comprehensive utilization of fermentation raw materials, high-value development of fermentation by-products and resource treatment of fermentation waste.
3.Exploitation and utilization of microbial resources: mainly including the production of fuel ethanol, single cell protein and biochemicals from biomass resources, as well as the research and development of new biological products such as active dry yeast and physiological active substances. It has advanced international level in research of active dry yeast, production of fuel ethanol by concentrated mash fermentation and transformation of traditional brewing industry by modern biotechnology.
Grants and Funding:
1.Key technology research and industrialization demonstration of traditional brewing seasoning food quality control, national key research and development program sub-project, 6.8 million yuan, 2016YFD0400505, 2016-2020.
2.he above analysis of higher alcohol metabolic network of fermented yeast and the breeding of wheat beer industrial strains with low yield of higher alcohol,National Natural Science Foundation Project,31771969, 2018-2021.
3.Study on the mechanism of esterification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and directional transformation of industrial strains,National Natural Science Foundation of China,860 thousand yuan,31471724,2015-2018.
4.Study on the mechanism of trehalose metabolism and the mechanism of freezing tolerance in baker's yeast,National Natural Science Foundation of China,600 thousand yuan, 31171730,2012-2015.
5.Genome transformation of food microorganis -Microbial genome transformation of liquor, Sub project of national 863 Program,2012AA022108,2012-2015.
6.Research on Key Technologies of low carbon processing for bulk food fermentation -development of new active dry yeast, Sub project of national 863 Program,2013AA102106-08,2013-2017.
7.Application of an improved Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the production of Ban dao jing, Shandong Ban dao jing Co., Ltd,1400040006,2014-2015.

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