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The First “Cohesion” Cup Tug of War Competition was Successfully held by College of Biotechnology
College of Biotechnology Ma Sijia

In the middle of autumn, College of Biotechnology held the first “cohesion” cup tug of war competition in the stadium of the middle of Binhai campus at noon on October 23 and 24 to warm sport culture atmosphere,bring students from each grade, enhance their friendship and to strengthen the construction of classes. Cui Wenfa is the teacher that in charge of this competition. The deputy secretary of College and counselors from each grade have attended this competition.

This tug of war competition used grade as unit  and facing to all students in College of Biotechnology. 20 Players from each grade are the combination of 10 females and 10 males. Players are eliminated  through promotion, the lottery to determine the order of the game. It is constitute of  preliminary contest and final contest, the arrangements of preliminary contest are: the third-year graduate vs. the second-year graduate, senior vs. freshman, junior vs. sophomore and the first-year graduate directly be promoted. Players were extremely excited and their feet were struggling with ground to tightly hand the rope like they are straight, undefeatable pine when teacher Cui Wenfa blowed his whistle. Each party fight everything they can to pull the rope towards their own direction accompanied by cheerleaders. Counselors also  cheered up for players in the competition. The sound of the bugle and the roars, rising and falling in the sunlight, rose over the sky. In the competition, all the players fought very hard whether on the field or off, the atmosphere was very intense. Students all laughed, united, everywhere is full with the taste of youth.

After the fierce competition of the preliminary contest and final competition, the freshman, sophomore and first-year graduate students stood out and won the champion, the second and the third place respectively. Through this tug-of-war competition, students have learnt a lot, which not only enriches their after-school cultural life, but also bonded the friendship between students of all grades, fostered their teamwork ability, and also showed the good spirit of the College of Biotechnology. By the end, we believe that the first "cohesion" cup tug-of-war finished very successfully.