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The sixth "the welcoming new cup" -- passionate basketball, the postgraduate basketball game was successfully concluded
Lu Junge, Li Lu

In order to further implement the sports education, cultivate graduate students good habits of positive exercise and sports passion and strengthen the team spirit and graduate students in our class cohesion. In November 3,2018,the biological engineering academy of Tianjin university of science and technology hold the sixth "new cup" basketball finals in basketball court of TEDA campus. After two weeks of intense competition, the second-year and third-year graduate teams worked their way through to the finals for the competition. Two teams from the first year of graduate school competed for third place in the competition.

The competition was divided into two fields for the competition. With the whistle blowing the competition began, the players of all grade teams threw themselves into the competition. On the field, each year's team competed fiercely, the situation tends to white-hot. In the first place, the teams of the second and third grade performed very well and the score was close to each other. In the end, the third year team adjusted their tactics and cooperated with each other, accurate steals and powerful blocks, and won the second year team by a score of 60:42.In the second field, there was fierce competition between the two first-year graduate teams. In the end, class 1 won with a score of 33:32 and the third place in the competition. Finally the winning team was awarded medals and certificates by biological engineering instructor Yin Yantao, Li Lu and the chairman of the graduate student union Tian Yadong. The match also ended in a warm atmosphere.

In line with the principle of "fairness and justice, abiding by the rules, friendship first, competition second", all grades teams in this basketball game have a very wonderful performance, the players fought with all their strength and helped each other on the field, and the audience have been cheering for them. This basketball game not only fully reflects the positive spirit of the graduate students in our school, but also cultivates the good quality of perseverance. The participating classes and teams are more united, and the after-school life of the graduate students is more abundant, which adds a beautiful landscape for the construction of campus sports culture.