Zhang Liming, Ph. D., Professor of bioengineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Member of Tianjin food society.

Teaching courses:
Undergraduate: Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical engineering technology experiment, Introduction on pharmaceutical engineering, Curriculum design of pharmaceutical engineering
Postgraduate student: Advanced medicinal chemistry

Main teaching research and achievements:
Presiding over or participating in five teaching reform projects, publishing 2 teaching reform papers, editing or participating in three teaching materials or monographs.
1. Pharmaceutical engineering experiment and guidance. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2005.
2. Production technology of mixed wine. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2008.
3. Synthetic chemistry. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2008.
4. Implementation of comprehensive experiments based on laboratory development fund projects. Pharmaceutical Education, 2011,27(1):52-55.
5. Teaching reform and practice exploration of medicinal chemistry, Light industry education in China, 2018,(3): 65-69.

Scientific research field and research area
1. Efficient separation and preparation technology of active ingredients from Chinese medicine and its pharmacological activity and mechanism;
2. The interaction between amylose macromolecule and bioactive ingredients and the key control technology of functional staple food;
3. Development of antibacterial materials and other functional products based on structural modification of natural polysaccharides.

Scientific research projects:
1. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Distribution mechanism of total saponins in Rhizoma Paris based on metabolic regulation network intervention, 2013/01-2015/12
2. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Mechanism and material basis of the effect of Paris saponin on metastatic lung cancer based on tumor microenvironment intervention, 2017/01-2020/12
3. Key projects of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (China). Self assembly and digestibility of starch and dietary polyphenol macromolecules, 2017/04-2020/04
4. Application Foundation and Frontier Technology Research Program of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission (China), Study on Extraction of Yam Protein Complex and Starch Modification Technology, 2008/04-2011/03
5. Key projects of Tianjin science and technology support program (China), Glycyrrhiza cell fermentation culture and product development, 2009/04- 2012/03
6. National Key Research and Development Program "Modern Food Processing and Grain Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment" Key Project "Key Technologies for Quality Improvement and Manufacturing of Self-Heating Food in the Field", 2018/07-2020/12
7. Horizontal scientific research project,Screening and extraction of antioxidant and anti fatigue active substances from edible fungi, 2014/01-2017/12

Main academic achievements:
He has published 110 scientific research papers and authorized 7 invention patents. The main academic papers are as follows:
[1] Zhang L M, Zhang Q, Zheng Y Q, He Z N, Guan P, He X H, Hui L F, Dai Y J. Study of Schiff base formation between dialdehyde cellulose and proteins, and its application for the deproteinization of crude polysaccharide extracts. Industrial Crops and Products,2018,112:532–540.
[2] Zhang L M, Guan P, Zhang Z H, DaiY J, Hao L M. Physicochemical characteristics of complexes between amylose and garlic bioactive components generated by milling activating method. Food Research International,2018,105:499-506. 
[3] Kang C C, Hao L M, Zhang L M, Zheng Z Q, Yang Y W. Isolation, purification and antioxidant activity of polysaccharides from the leaves of maca (Lepidium Meyenii). International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2018,107:2611–2619.
[4] Zhang L M, Ge H H, Xu M, Cao J, Dai Y J. Physicochemical properties, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of dialdehyde microcrystalline cellulose. Cellulose,2017,24(5):2287–2298.
[5] Zhang L M, Cao J, Hao L M, Kang C C. Quality Evaluation of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) Based on HPLC and LC-MS Analysis of its Glucosinolates from Roots. Food Analytical Methods,2017,10(7):2143–2151.
[6] Zhang L M, Cheng H J, Zheng C Y, Dong, F, Man, S L, Dai, Y J, Yu P. Structural and release properties of amylose inclusion complexes with ibuprofen [J]. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 2016, 31(1): 101-107.
[7] Zhang L M, Li R C, Dong F, Tian A Y, Li Z J, Dai Y J. Physical, mechanical and antimicrobial properties of starch films incorporated with ε-poly-L-lysine. Food Chemistry, 2015,166:107-114.
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[10] He X H, He Z N, Li Y, Yu H F, Zhang L M*, Ge H H, Man S L, Dai Y J. Modeling of the bacterial inactivation kinetics of dialdehyde cellulose in aqueous suspension. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2018,116:920–926.
[11] Zhang L M*, Yang X, Li S, Gao W Y. Preparation, physicochemical characterization and in vitro digestibility on solid complex of maize starches with quercetin [J]. LWT- Food Science and Technology, 2011, 44(3)789-792.
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[14] Zhang L M*, Zuo B M, Wu P L, Wang Y Q, Gao W Y. Ultrasound effects on the acetylation of dioscorea starch isolated from Dioscorea zingiberensis C.H. Wright [J]. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 2012, 54: 29-36.
[15] Zhang L M*, Xie W G, Zhao X, Liu Y, Gao W Y. Study on the morphology, crystalline structure and thermal properties of yellow ginger starch acetates with different degrees of substitution [J]. Thermochimica Acta, 2009, 495(1): 57–62.
[16] Zhang L M*, Zhao X, Ji J J, Dai Y J. TG-DTG as an effective method for the characterization of rutin extracted from the buds of Sophora japonica L[J]. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2009,95(3): 917-922.

Authorized invention patents are:
1. Zhang Liming, Zhao Zhao, Zhang Xiaoli, Sun Qian, Xie Weiguang, Liu Ying. Preparation method of total polysaccharide from Yu Ping Feng prescription. ZL200610130195.7. 2006-12-14
2. Zhang Liming, Gao Wenyuan, Shenrui, Gu Shouna, Wang Xu. Enzymatic extraction of yam protein complex.ZL200710058147.6.2007-07-16
3. Zhang Liming, Sun Qian, Wang Zhaobo, Xie Weiguang and Wang Lingling. Preparation of low molecular weight fenugreek galactomannan by double enzyme method. ZL200710059464.X. 2007-09-03
4. Zhang Liming, Ji Jiajia, Zhao Xi, Gao Wenyuan, Cao Yu and Yin Dongjian. Method of separating lignin and cellulose from liquorice residue by ultrasonic technology. ZL 200810151732.5.2010-11-03
5. Jia Shiru, Zhang Liming, Shi Xiaowei, Zhao Shuxin, Zhou Bin, Wang Jianmei and Tan Zhilei. A preparation method of theaflavin. ZL 200810052355.X. 2011-11-02.
6. Zhang Liming, Lufuping, Wang Yan. Preparation of high quality Ginkgo biloba extract by double resin method. ZL200610200908.2. 2008-09-17
7. Zhang Liming, Shenrui, Yang Xin, Wu Peilong, Li Shan. A new method for preparing resistant starch. ZL2010155881.6. 2012-06-13.

The research achievement was awarded the “second-class award” of Tianjin science and technology progress in 2008. In 2017, instructing students to win the “second-class award” of Tianjin Challenge Cup.

Contact information:
Place of work: No. 29 thirteenth Avenue, Tianjin economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin University of Science and Technology.
Postal Code: 300457
Office Phone: 022-60602716
Fax: 022-60602298
Email:zhlm@tust.edu.cn; zhanglmd@126.com