Pharmaceutical Engineering

Based on the Fermentation Engineering, a National Key Discipline, the major of Pharmaceutical Engineering was founded in 2000. This major is a branch of engineering focused on discovering, formulating, and manufacturing medication, as well as analytical and quality control processes. It involves chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences.

Features and Advantages
  This major has been approved as Tianjin Strategic Emerging Major and Tianjin Application-oriented Major. Besides, this major closely supports the Tianjin Key Discipline, Pharmaceutics. There are several national and provincial key laboratories related to this major, including the State Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Food Nutrition & Safety and Medicinal Chemistry, the Key Laboratory of Industrial Fermentation Microbiology (Ministry of Education), the National and Local United Engineering Lab of Metabolic Control Fermentation Technology, the Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Microbial Metabolism and Fermentation Process Control. Besides, the Tianjin Fermentation Engineering & Technology Testing Center and the Amino Acid Testing Center are also located in the college.

Cultivation Objective
The objective is to cultivate professional talents with development of morality, intelligence and physique, with systematic biological and medical knowledge and proficient engineering skills in design and management of pharceutical engineering process. The graduates can choose to engage in design, production, management, and new technological development in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.