Associate Professors

Du Liping

PhD, Associate Professor, Master's Tutor, Director of Biological Resources Extraction Branch of China Biological Fermentation Industry Association, Member of National Enzyme Industry Expert Committee of China Fermentation Industry Association, Member of Enzyme Subcommittee of China Biological Fermentation Industry Standardization Technical Committee, Intellectual Property Trial Property Trial of Tianjin Higher People's Court Technical Consultant; Member of the Fourth Editorial Committee of China Tea Processing. He has been engaged in the teaching and research of fermentation engineering and separation engineering for a long time. His main research direction is the development of microbial resources for food fermentation and brewing and flavor analysis. The editor-in-chief has published more than 60 papers, including more than 25 SCI and EI, applied for more than 40 patents, and obtained more than 20 authorized national invention patents. One of the supervised graduate students was awarded Excellent Master's Thesis in Tianjin, and five were awarded Excellent Master's Thesis in Tianjin University of Science and Technology.

Undergraduate: Bioseparation Engineering, Yeast Technology

Postgraduate: Bioseparation Engineering (Master of Engineering)

Research Field and Direction
[1] Exploitation and Utilization of Microbial Resources
[2] Modern brewing and fermented food

[3] Flavor analysis of fermented products

Research Projects
[1] Du Liping, Ma Lijuan, etc. Fundamental Research on Chemical Composition of "Chen Xiang" Fragrance Characteristics of Puer Tea, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 620,000 yuan, 2017-2020, project number 31671,847.
[2] Du Liping, Xiao Dongguang, etc. Research on key technology of control and quality improvement of ethyl carbamate in wine production, Tianjin Science and Technology Support Project, 300,000 yuan, 2015-2018, project number: 15ZCZDNC00110.
[3] Du Liping, Ma Lijuan, etc. Research on Key Technologies of Microbial Fermentation Bioorganic Fertilizer, Tianjin Science and Technology Special Commissioner Project, 50,000 yuan, 2018-2019, Project No. 18JCPC58800
[4] Ma Lijuan, Du Liping, etc. Molecular Mechanisms of Enhanced Lignocellulose Degradation by Aspergillus Niger Auxiliary Protein AnLPMO9, National Natural Science Foundation Project, 600,000 yuan, 2018-2021, Project No. 31770625

[5] Ma Lijuan, Du Liping, etc. Structural Domain Function and Mechanism of Swelling Protein SWOI from Trichoderma reesei, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Key Project, 200,000 yuan, 2016-2019, Project No. 16JCZDJC31880

Academic achievements
[1] Liping Du, Lijuan Ma, Yang Qiao, Yan Lu, Dongguang Xiao. Determination of phthalate esters in teas and tea infusions by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Food Chemistry , 2016, 197 : 1200–1206. (SCI, 1区, TOP杂志IF=4.529)
[2] Liping Du, Jianxun Li, Wei Li, Yunfei Li, Tao Li, Dongguang Xiao. Characterization of volatile compounds of pu-erh tea using solid-phase microextraction and simultaneous distillation–extraction coupled with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry [J]. Food Research International, 2014, 57: 61–70. (SCI, 1区IF=4.196)
[3] Liping Du, Chao Wang, Jianxun Li, Dongguang Xiao, Changwen Li, Yongquan Xu. Optimization of Headspace Solid-phase Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography−Mass Spectrometry for Detecting Methoxy-phenolic Compounds in Pu-erh Tea [J]. J Agr Food Chem, 2013, 61: 561-568. (SCI, 1区, TOP杂志IF=3.791)
[4] Lijuan Ma, Shiyong Huang, Liping Du*, Ping Tang, Dongguang Xiao. Reduced production of higher alcohols by Saccharomyces cerevisiae in red wine fermentation by simultaneously overexpressing BAT1 and deleting BAT2. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2017, 65(32): 6936-6942. (SCI, 1区, TOP杂志IF=3.791)
[5] Lijuan Ma, Yang Qiao, Liping Du*, Yunfei Li, Shiyong Huang, Fei Liu, Dongguang Xiao. Evaluation and optimization of a superior extraction method for the characterization of the volatile profile of black tea by HS-SPME/GC-MS. Food Analytical Methods, 2017, 10(7): 2481-2489. (SCI, 2区, IF=2.2)
[6] Liping Du, Tingting He, Wei Li, Ruoyu Wang and Dongguang Xiao.  Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Chinese Laobaigan Liquor using Headspace Solid-phase Microextraction Coupled with GC-MS [J]. Analytical Methods, 2015,7, 1906-1913.( (SCI,2区, TOP杂志IF=2.0)
[7] Lijuan Ma, Qing Ma, Rui Cai, Zhiyou Zong, Liping Du*, Gaojie Guo, Yingying Zhang, Dongguang Xiao. Effect of β-mannanase domain from Trichoderma reesei on its biochemical characters and synergistic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2018, 98(7):2540-2547.
[8] Lijuan Ma, Qing Ma, Gaojie Guo, Liping Du*, Yingying Zhang, Youzhi Cui, Dongguang Xiao. Optimization of sodium percarbonate pretreatment for improving 2,3-butanediol production from corncob. Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2018, 48(3):218-22
[9] Chao Wang, Liping Du*, Yan Lu, Tao Li, Jianxun Li, Wei Li, Dongguang Xiao, Changwen Li, Yongquan Xu. The Application of Salting-Out in the Analysis of Methoxy-Phenolic Compounds in Pu-erh Tea. Lecture Notes in Electrial Engineering. 2014. 249: 435-446. (EI)
[10] Tao Li, Liping Du*, Chao Wang, Peng Han, Dongguang Xiao, Changwen Li, Yongquan Xu. The Effect of the Enzyme on the Liquid-State Fermentation of Pu’er Tea. Lecture Notes in Electrial Engineering. 2014. 249: 477-486. (EI)
[11] Yan Lu, Liping Du*, Yang Qiao, Tianlu Wang, Dongguang Xiao. Determination of Phthalate Esters in Tea by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Advances in Applied Biotechnology. 2015. 33: 305-315. (EI)
[12] Fei Liu, Wanqiang Yin, Liping Du*, Dongguang Xiao. Comparison of Aroma Compounds in Sauce-Flavor and Sesame-Flavor “Shan Zhuang Lao Jiu” Liquors by Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.  Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 2016. 444: 25-27. (EI)
[13] Junsen Lu, Liping Du, Haimei Ding, Ziping Du, Dongguang Xiao. plication of Support Vector Machine in Base Liquor Classification. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 2013. 250: 1051-1056. (EI)
[14] Litao, Du Liping, Xiao Dongguang, Li Changwen, Xu Yongquan. A comparative study of theaflavins in Pu'er tea and liquid fermented Pu'er tea powder [J].Modern Food Science and Technology, 2014, 30 (11): 93-97 (EI)
[15] Jiao Yuanyuan, Du Liping*, Sun Wen, Wei Jinyan, Ma Lijuan, Xiao Dongguang. Screening and fermentation performance of lactic acid bacteria for pear juice fermentation. Food Science 2018.4 (EI).
[16] Li Jianxun, Du Liping, Wang Chao, Li Wei, Li Tao, Xiao Dongguang. Headspace solid phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the analysis of aroma components in black tea [J].Food Science, 2014, 35 (02): 191-195.
[17] Lu Yan, Du Liping, Xiao Dongguang. Volatile components analysis of Zhengshan small black tea [J]. Food industry science and technology, 2015, 36 (02): 57-60.
[18] Lu Yan, Du Liping, Qiaoyang, Xiao Dongguang and Liu Shujie. Determination of Phthalate Esters in Tea by Gas Chromatography. Analytical Laboratory, 2015, 34 (02): 194-198.
[19] Performance comparison and product analysis of pineapple juice fermented by Ma Lijuan, Wang Chao, Du Liping*, Han Xiaoxia, Sun Wen, Li Dalei, Guo Gaojie. Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Brewing in China, 2018, 37 (3): 72-77.
[20] Li Yunfei, Du Liping, Wang Ruoyu, Qiaoyang, Xiao Dongguang. Determination of geraniol [J] in tea by headspace solid phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Analytical Laboratory, 2015, 34 (03): 307-310.
[21] He Tingting, Liu Fei, Du Liping*, Xiao Dongguang. Development of Fermented Pu'er Tea Wine [J]. Brewing Technology, 2015 (10): 103-106.
[22] Wang Guoming, Yin Wanwei, Qiaoyang, Li Yanke, Li Qiuzhi and Du Liping* Analytical study of pyrazines in Luzhou-flavor "Villa Old Wine"[J].Brewed in China, 2015, 34 (4):146-149
[23] Ding Haimei, Du Liping*, Zhang Zhimin, Xiao Dongguang, Zhang Yuxing, Wu Rongrong, Hona Lactobacillus casei acid-producing medium optimization [J]. Brewing technology, 2013 (5): 14-17.
[24] Isolation, identification and evaluation of lactic acid bacteria producing biogenic amines in fermentation broth of rice wine [J]. Food and Fermentation Industry, 2011, 37 (8): 47-50.
[25] Du Liping, Xiao Dongguang, Shi Liping. Breeding of Glutathione-producing Yeast Strain [J]. Brewing Technology, 2010, 180 (2): 47-49

[26] Liu Fei, Du Liping, Xiao Dongguang. Optimization of solid phase microextraction conditions for volatile components of soy sauce [J]. Food and fermentation industry, 2017, 43 (7): 70-75.

Major patents
[1] ZL200810153337.0 is a rapid method for preparing yeast glucan.
[2] ZL201110353944.3 A method of producing instant fermented tea powder by liquid fermentation of microorganisms.
[3] ZL 201110294810.9 is a method of using liquor tail to improve the fat-flavor substances in Fen-flavor liquor.
[4] ZL20141073986.3 A liquid fermentation method for the production of rice-flavor liquor.
[5] A Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain ZL201410106846.3 which can reduce biogenic amines in rice wine and its construction method.
[6] ZL201210134936.4 A method of producing 2,3-butanediol by simultaneous fermentation of corncob residue.
[7] ZL201510653556.5 New solid-state fermentation method for Maotai-flavor liquor production.
[8] ZL201510653557.X is a liquid fermentation method for the production of Fen-flavor liquor.
[9] ZL20105031597, a cadmium-resistant Candida tropicalis, and its application.

[10] CN201710583437.6 A preparation method of health pineapple fruit wine with traditional Chinese medicine.

As the first accomplishor, he won the second prize for scientific and technological progress of China Light Industry Federation and the third prize for scientific and technological progress of Tianjin City.

As the main accomplishor, he won the third prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress, and the third prize of Science and Technology of China Wine Industry Association.

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